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Answers to Your Most Commonly Asked Questions About a Skip Bin Hire

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A skip bin hire is good for any type of cleanout or cleanup of your property, including when you're doing some landscaping around the yard or renovation work. When you're ready to rent a skip bin, you should take the time to ask all the right questions of a rental agency so you know you get the right bin and know what's involved in its rental. Note a few of those questions you might ask before deciding on a bin. 

1. How do I choose the size bin I need?

Rather than thinking of how many square meters you might choose for a skip bin, it can be good to first look at picture charts of the bins and compare them to your standard rubbish bins at home. Note how many rubbish bins you might fill up with your cleanout and then opt for a skip bin accordingly. You might also consider going up at least one size so you know your bin will have room for all your debris without needing to be emptied halfway through your cleaning job. A rental agency can also often help; they may know of the right bin size to use for when you're cleaning out a standard attic or garage, for example.

2. Can anything be tossed into a bin?

Most bin rental agencies will have a list of prohibited items you cannot toss out. However, you would also do well to note if you aren't allowed to mix items in the bins either. This can mean not putting landscaping waste in the same bin as old furniture and household goods. The bin rental agency may empty each type of waste differently and may not allow you to mix these different materials because of this reason. Note if bins have a certain designation when it comes to their waste type and don't mix items if this is prohibited.  

3. What if I want to use a wheelbarrow to put items in the bin?

Ask about a drop down ramp for a bin, which might be included. This makes it easier to load the bin with a wheelbarrow, hand truck, and the like. It can also be easier to load the bin with items that are too big and bulky or too dangerous to lift over your head; you can walk up the ramp and safely drop chunks of concrete into the bin, rather than trying to lift them over the side of the bin and over your head in the process.