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New to Skip Bin Hire? Here's What You Need to Know

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Do you have a renovation project that is causing piles and piles of waste? Or are you simply having trouble managing household waste? If so, a skip bin is an ideal solution for you. Skip bins are typically large garbage bins that are used to store waste until it's disposed of in an environmental-friendly manner. Before approaching a company for skip hire services, there are important things to have in mind that will help you get the best value out of your skip bin.

Identify the type of waste generated

The type of waste generated in your household or renovation project will be the major determinant of the kind of skip bin you hire. There are different skip bins for various types of waste. There are those for general domestic waste, green waste, construction waste, and recyclable waste. Depending on the types of waste you intend to manage, you may be required to hire more than one skip bin. Specifying the type of waste you intend to put in the skip bin will help you get the right one.

Determine the quantity of waste

The amount of waste generated on a daily or weekly basis should guide you to choosing the size of skip bin for your home or project. As a rule, you should always get a bin that's slightly bigger than you think you need. Most skip hire companies charge extra for overfilled bins. Also, the truck may not be able to lift an overfilled bin, meaning some waste will have to be removed from it. To save on costs, make sure you get the right-sized bin for your project.

Know where the bin will be located 

Skip bins are heavy and can cause damage to tiles, brittle driveways and gardens. It is paramount to choose an ideal location, preferably on a concrete floor. It is also advisable to have the bin closer to your renovation project site or the door. Doing so will save you the fatigue of making repeated trips. Ensure the bin is placed on level ground to avoid it tipping over due to imbalance. During the rainy season, it is ideal to have your skip bin in an enclosed area.

Choose a reliable skip hire company

Once you have decided on the right skip bin for your waste management needs, you need to approach a reliable skip hire company. If you are working on a construction project, late disposal can cause trouble with the local municipality. Settle for a company that offers a guarantee on the quality of services.

If you are considering skip hire for the first time, these pointers will come in handy in ensuring you get the best value out of your skip hire.

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